Overland Map

Myos World Map


Our map starts very barren.  No labels.  Just lines, a compass and 3 colors.  As we introduce new parts of the world they map will be edited.  So when a faction is introduced we’ll mark off their territory.  When the corrupted lands, well known roads, untouched forests, or impassable mountains are talked about they’ll be drawn in.

This map will grow along side the game.


The World of Myos

Myos is a planet that is trying survive a harsh past while facing a harsher future. It is a place once covered by a sky filled with fire and ash. Even now despite clear skies, acidic rains can destroy crops or ruin drinking water. The oceans are corrosive, eating away at wooden vessels and often scarring unprotected skin. The shattered moons that stretch across the sky, although beautiful often fall from the heavens scorching homes and destroying land. There are the miles of corrupted lands, barren and cursed they often leave travelers who try to cross them sick or dead. Unexplored lands and the water’s depths are inhabited by vicious mutated creatures, but they aren’t even the most fearsome living beasts..

Life that once barely survived in the shadows has begun to thrive in the sunlight. The barbarians pillage the countrysides, spawning war amongst themselves and any opposing outsiders. They accept any people into their chaotic life on the fringes of society. The varied people of the barbarian tribes have no hope at peace, war is their way of life. Living as if the darkness will swallow the world again. Despite the many that choose or are forced into this life, others have begun to find new ways to live

For generations the myosi and arcole have called Myos home, eking out hard lives until the charred sky cleared to reveal the sun, moons, and stars. The myosi are a long lived people, full of inventiveness, life, and a strong will. They have toiled long to improve their standard of life, crafting complicated machines and creating beautiful art. The arcole are tall, proud, broad, and intimidating people. They prefer to work with their hands and at times struggle to relate to the other races of Myos. They take pride in their smaller communities and are prone to spontaneous celebration. These races survived the long cold nights together during the time of the scorched sky, and although as a people they struggle to understand one another, many live together.

There is another group now living among the myosi and arcole, even less understood the slek struggle to make Myos a home. Over a hundred years ago, it was as if the Gods cut into nothingness and from this slash appeared a Rift and out of the Rift poured thousands of soldiers. The slek fought among each other for months, at the hands of each other. When the Southern Empire got involved their numbers dwindled even lower. The remaining were exiled to the Withering Isles and lived in solitude for generations. Those that remain in exile call themselves the Dukarim but, many slek now live among other communities and try to blend into the cultures around them.

Despite the hardships, various factions have begun to unify and advance. The greatest minds in history have began using their genius to improve the lives of many. Knowledge, books, and those willing to teach make efforts to spread across the continents. The fires of industry have begun fueling the rapid advancement of technology. As the smoke rises and steam pumps pistons in the south, the sound of black powders being ignited echo off the dunes to the north, all while sparks fly, and power begins to surge through islands to the east. Such rapid changes will not come without great sacrifices. All of Myos’ creatures will soon learn, that they are their own worst enemies. Their corrupted world has harden them for the life ahead and as the tensions of the major factions rise to a breaking point, life will only grow harder.

Status Update 8/23

There isn’t any big news for you this week. Just a lot of grinding out work. If you haven’t signed up to the forum you should give it a look. We plan to post art and lore articles there before they hit the blog.

Here’s what we’re up to for the next week


  • Create World Lighting (Day & Night cycle)
  • Move Path finding to project
  • Implement new Steering classes
  • Refine Combat Designs and start more brainstorming.


  • Create vector based digital copy of Logo/Banner
  • Official Myos World Map
  • People of Myos (Arcole)

Below is what we’ve finished since our last update


  • Finishing up the forum permissions for our lovely supporters.  (Note:  Bots are a pain in the ass)
  • Moving our code old in house SVN server to a web hosted server
  • Standardized camera and map size & textures
  • Splitting Camera script into Controller & Model
  • Writing the Lore for our upcoming project. (On Going with edits, rough drafts are complete)


  • Finalized Design for Company Logo and Banner.
  • General Designs for the people of Myos (Slek and Myosian are done)  We’ll be posting these soon.

Welcome to the new Embalm IT!

The Embalm It Blog.

This is where we are going to be releasing Weekly Progress reports on all of our work.  So why waste time with a simple hello when what you want to hear is what we’re currently working on.

I’m currently working on the following:

  • Finishing up the forum permissions for our lovely supporters
  • Moving our code old in house SVN server to a web hosted server
  • Splitting jumbled up code into separate files, using Controllers and Models instead of our first go round of just write it until it works.
  • Writing the Lore for our upcoming project.

Erik is in charge of art direction, you will see plenty of posts from him as he feels comfortable releasing his art later, and concept art and currently he is

  • Finishing up the Company logo and Banner for the site.  (what you currently see up there is temporary)
  • Cranking out concept art for the Dukarim & Kajarii for our soon to be announced project.

Recent Problems & Failures…  I want to share these issues because we have been terrible at sharing the good and the bad with everyone that is interested in the game.  So from now on, we spill the beans.

  • Jason Dees has quit the project.  He has been working with me on writing code, setting up the websites, painting the miniatures for our reward program, and hashing out all kinds of designs and concepts over the past year.  He can’t commit the time to continue developing, and doesn’t want to slow us down with unfinished or untested work.  Hopefully he reconsiders, but for now he is taking a step back.
  • My hosting company is terrible.  To get the back-end changed took weeks and their support team continued to give me completely contradictory answers every time I called them.  Luckily they are almost ready now.
  • I apologize to everyone that got painted miniatures that were damaged during the shipment.  I know it isn’t as bad for me as it is for you, but after pouring so much time and effort into those miniatures, it bits.