Erik Resigns

To cut to the chase, Erik Gampfer has quit the project.

He had problems with the way I was managing the project and how harshly I criticized his work.  Then I had problems with the way he communicated and the degrading quality of his work.  So he decided it would be best if he left the project.

For anyone who has followed us for a long time, this sounds like a broken record.  I recruit a hopeful artist, someone who wants to change their career, and break into the art or game design world.  Then three months later their work output slows, they begin to not participate in meetings, they stop sending updates, they then disappear completely or send in a resignation letter.

So I have to ask, what am I doing wrong…

  • I think I do judge harshly, often people will say they have thick skin and prefer the honesty, but I think that when you’re asking someone to change something they poured themselves in more care must be taken.
  • I make assumptions about the ease or difficulty of the work.  Sometimes I assume something is going to be easy when it takes a lot longer.  Honestly this is terrible on my part, people do this constantly with coding.  I should know better.
  • I assume they are as dedicated to the project as I am.  I work on this out of passion, but I can’t assume that others have that same passion.
  • I am not always clear in what I want.  I often talk vaguely, which is great for writing or story telling, but when you are telling an artist what to draw, don’t feed them details and then ask them to rework it, it can cause frustration.
I then have to improve these things, but some are justified
I want my game to have a very polished look, and this starts with solid design.  If quality is lacking I think it’s important to voice concern.  The problem is finding people that can separate their work from their personal feelings.  So here is what I’ve decided to do…
  • I am going to work with a professional artist, someone with a proven track record of accomplished work.
  • We are going to discuss all designs up front, discuss concepts, influences, and look through descriptions.
  • I am going to ask for an estimation on the length of work and let it guide my expectations.
  • I will only assume they are dedicated as long as the cash is flowing.
Hopefully this change from amateur to professional is what is best for the project.  Thankfully our supporters have made it possible for me to try this.  Game on.