Rough Map Work

While bidding my time, waiting for our local positioning fixes, I’ve been fleshing out some of the maps that we’ll feature in the game.  The goal is to have a diverse selection of maps, but not to over extend ourselves on their creation.  Originally I planned out 12 maps, 4 for each faction.  I’m going to trim that down and plan on having 5 maps.

The goal is to have a variety of interesting places to battle.  Making our maps as in depth as a Dota map, but with far more interesting locals.

Here are their high level descriptions….

Bile Mountain Pass

The Mountains along the eastern borders of the Thermocrat Empire are full of narrow passages.  The open caverns are guarded by massive feral Arcole barbarians and some of the shortest passages are cursed by the ancients.  A common battle ground for the Empire as they set traps for smugglers, but as the Kajarii and Dukarim make their stand these cold mountain stones may see more blood shed than ever.

Cherry Wine Fields

The farmlands and vast country sides form the backbone that supports the Empire.  Large stretches of grasslands, untamed rivers and streams, fruit bearing orchards, and a vast selection of independent villages, holds, and colleges to capture.  With the Empire spread thin vast portions of their open country will prove difficult to protect.

Soul River Cross
A vein of life in a land of death, the Soul River brings clean fresh water, an abundance of fresh fish, and farm-able shores to the dry lands and hungry people of the Wastes.  The Cross is the busiest, widest, and sturdiest bridge in all the of the waste, making it important for anyone vying for control in the Wastes.

Death’s Edge

The Quintas Wastes are home to vast swathes of cursed land, but none quite like Death’s Edge.  Massive obsidian shards jut from the barrens, creating a razor sharp forest of jagged black glass.  For the brave, traversing the Edge can cut days of travel form the south to north, but the time saved comes at a heavy price for those not prepared to face the cursed lands.

Oasis Bazaar

The Dukarim have resumed trade with the Quintas nomads which has enraged the Kajarii and caught the eye of the Empire, turning this once peaceful bazaar into a place of constant conflict.  Many merchants have left but the loose coin of soldiers and mercenaries has many keeping their shops open.

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