The First Sovereign

The Praetorian
Praetorians are the most respected of leaders in all the Thermocrat army. Given command of state of the art equipment they are held to a very high standard and many collapse under the pressures of their responsibility.
White hot flames burst from crevices of their Lorica armor, few opponents can handle the immense amount of heat pouring from a Praetorian. Their short swords licked by alchemical fires possess the ability to slash and burn through any enemy troops.

The Wheels of Progress Keep On Turning

Here is something I haven’t done in a little while. A snapshot of the things we’ve completed since the last update. So from Oct until now, this is where we are.


  • Create Player Object & Move Current GOs under it
  • Create new Unit Model & Unit Prefab
  • Switch to Unity3D built in Path finding
  • Unit Selection Model
  • Unit Selection Controller
  • Redo GUI (Force click down and release for GUI pieces)
  • Select the First 20 Units to be drawn out
  • QA Point Calculator for Units Recruitment
  • Iso Camera
  • Unit formations
  • Unit AI


  • GUI Layout
  • Kajarii Concepts
  • Slek Concepts
  • Arcole Concepts
  • Dukarim Concepts
  • Launch-able Items
  • Framework Sprite

We have lost the entire engine, restored it, and surpassed it. Rodrigo has gone from concept artist to helping me stand up an entire fictional world. I have gone struggling to understand how scripts interact to spawning an arrow that arcs, deals damage, and triggers a damage effect on the hit unit.

We’ve come pretty far in the last 5 months. Far enough that next week I’m releasing an Alpha. I think that in 5 more we may have something to sell.

On Your Best Behavior

So this is our first behavior engine release. Any RTS has to have some dynamic AI that acts and reacts to opponent actions. This is our take on these actions.

You’ll notice that I talk about moods for each unit, this is scratching the surface of our “Stance” system. Each troop of units has 6 different stances they can activate, each stance offers different behavior logic and different stat bonuses.

Guard & Hold Position will offer an armor bonuses which is good against Normal Attacks.

Attack & Rampage will offer bonuses to all types of damage.

Evade & Route grants a movement speed increase.