The Wheels of Progress Keep On Turning

Here is something I haven’t done in a little while. A snapshot of the things we’ve completed since the last update. So from Oct until now, this is where we are.


  • Create Player Object & Move Current GOs under it
  • Create new Unit Model & Unit Prefab
  • Switch to Unity3D built in Path finding
  • Unit Selection Model
  • Unit Selection Controller
  • Redo GUI (Force click down and release for GUI pieces)
  • Select the First 20 Units to be drawn out
  • QA Point Calculator for Units Recruitment
  • Iso Camera
  • Unit formations
  • Unit AI


  • GUI Layout
  • Kajarii Concepts
  • Slek Concepts
  • Arcole Concepts
  • Dukarim Concepts
  • Launch-able Items
  • Framework Sprite

We have lost the entire engine, restored it, and surpassed it. Rodrigo has gone from concept artist to helping me stand up an entire fictional world. I have gone struggling to understand how scripts interact to spawning an arrow that arcs, deals damage, and triggers a damage effect on the hit unit.

We’ve come pretty far in the last 5 months. Far enough that next week I’m releasing an Alpha. I think that in 5 more we may have something to sell.

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