We Call Them Slek

These are the approved concept images of the slek. A race of intelligent creatures for our game Cairn. They are savage in appearance, but aren’t as ferocious as they seem. Some slek undergo a binding with another organism, a sort of symbiotic relationship that creates some pretty bad ass units.
We’re not sure how strongly the slek will be featured in our first release of Cairn, but they’re awesome, so I thought I would share.

Shifting to Second Gear

So we’ve been pretty quiet, which is always boring. I got tired of keeping up with the weekly task lists. I find that I spend too much time managing those when I could be writing lore or working on mechanics. So we’re going to try to do more in depth works in progress snap shots.

We have a ton of art work, Rodrigo has been powering through unit concepts and sprite designs. I posted one of his older ones a few weeks ago, so expect lots more.

We have a new sound guy who is wrapping up the first of our official tracks. We’ll be sharing that soon.

We are going to open our alpha builds to anyone who wants to play around with them. There isn’t much too do for players, but perhaps you’ll have fun finding all of my mistakes.

We also have a wikia going live soon. It will be full of information about our units and the world.

Our unique visitors to the website is slowly climbing. I like to think that means people are reading these posts.
My favorite search terms that have led people are are:
“Failed Embalming”
“Does embalming last forever”