RTS Combat System

I think a lot about what I want out of a combat system in my RTS games.  I love hard counters, but I feel most games use them incorrectly.  A rock should smash the scissors, but that rock should see some scratches along the way.

Our system has four types of normal damage.  They are Cut, Bash, Stab, and Wreck.  Depending on what type of armor they are attacking they can get a damage bonus of up to 50%, making it very important to pay attention to your offense and defense.

We have three types of armor.  They are Light, Heavy, and Construct.  I didn’t want to focus on what exactly a unit is wearing, so instead we focus on easy to see and understand.  Characters are designed with the idea of no middle grounds so it’s easy to know their armor type at first glance.

The balance between the damages and the armors are split up on usefulness.  If something is very good against one type it gets nothing against others, but some weapon types are useful against multiple types.

Armor VS Weapons—–Light—Heavy—Construct

These bonuses are simple, clear cut and consistent.  So the major rules are as follows:

  • Cut up the light armor
  • Bash the thick armors
  • Stab the living units
  • Wreck the buildings and Gears
Oh, but you don’t know what Gears are yet…  Maybe next week…  Until then here is some old video footage of combat.


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