Cairn Alpha 0.0.4

We are wrapping up another sprint and the release notes for the latest build can be found below!
Main Features:
Sprites -
Our first sprite has been scripted and imported into the game.  The unit is known as the Scrapper.  He pounds in the faces of his enemies with his glorious fists.  The little guy is our test dummy for smoothing animations, timing attacks, testing rotations, and finally giving the game the look it deserves.
Sprites have replaced the capsules on all Grunt level units.  They all use the Scrapper sprite, but I have changed the color of each unit.  So play around with them all you want.
Release Notes:
  • Unit Stats
    • All Grunt Stats have been updated to match Unit Stat Document
  • Animation
    • Added Toolkit utilities to the project
    • Sprite and Animation Script Prefabs created
    • Rotation & Action bugs fixed
  • Music Manager
    • Starts on random song
    • Repeats playlist
  • Input Controller
    • Double Click Selection – grabs all units of the same type when double clicked
  • Bug Fixes
    • Mini-map
      • Fixed Bug that sent camera off playable area
    • HP Regen
      • Fixed In Combat Bug, now hp only regens outside of combat
      • Fixed Regen values for all Grunt class units
    • XP & Level Up
      • Fixed mass level up issue

Meet the team! – Rodrigo Petunio, graphics and stuff

Hello, my name is Rodrigo Petunio, I’m the main person working the graphics for Cairn. I  work (or used work) as a freelance Illustrator and currently I work anything from Animation, Concept, Graphics, GUI and loan sharkin’ for Cairn.

I’ve been working on the project since October last year, and hopefully some updates on all things Art we have been working on will come soon.

For anyone interested in previous works, here’s a link to my portfolio.

(the cat’s name is Luna, I think I was working on the early animations for Cairn when that picture was taken).