Cairn 0.0.6 – Alpha Build

We are wrapping up another sprint and with that I release another alpha build to be tested. The game is much more stable this build than last and includes a lot of new features.


The primary goal of this build was to fix bugs that became very big issues now that special attacks were working.  We also added lots of assets like 3 new sprites, a dozen special effects, and unit sound effects.

Important Changes:

Beautiful new sprites.  Rodrigo really knocked it out of the park with this new, updated sprites.  Check out the scrapper, fighter, and magician.

Our two big bug fixes are out of the way.  The sprite flicker and the collision detection issues should be solved now.  We made a lot of good connections with the 2D toolkit guys and some of the Unity dev community to fix the issues.

Unit Sound Effects are working.  The only unit wired for sound is the Fighter.  So spawn him and listen to him attack.  He should make noise when he spawns, attacks, moves, is selected and dies.  Game rotates through hit sounds, but they sound similar and are very mild right now.  They need more beef cake.

3 fully functional Slayers.  Charging, tossing, multi-spawn, instant, line aoe, healing, & status effects.  So much awesome stuff crammed into those 9 special attacks.  It is very beautiful and adds a lot to an otherwise simple alpha build.  Each build will see the release of more slayers & special attacks.  Next version will see the addition of Thermocrat & Kajarii Adepts.

Enemy selection.  Instead of only being able to select your units, you can select enemy or neutral units and see their stats.  You should not be able to control those units and you can only select 1 at a time through a single click.

Full details past the break

  • Thermocrat Slayers & Special Attacks
    • Centurion Cog (AoE Buff, Line Attack, Single Target)
    • Pythenite (AoE Projectile, Line Attack, AoE Buff)
    • Praetorian (Charge, Basic Attack Buff, Instant Random Multi-Spawn)
  • Sound Effect Manager
    • Fighter contains test sounds.  Has sound for all declared actions, see sound documents for details.
  • New sprites
    • Scrapper
    • Fighter
    • Magician
  • Enemy Single Selection – Can select anything, but can only control your units
  • Blood Splatter Uses Ink Blobs – Using random ink blots for blood splatter now
  • Status Effect
    • Added New Animations
    • Added Mangled
  • Bug Fixes
    • Status Effect Duration
    • Status Effect Prefab Loading
    • Sprite Flicker
    • Collision Detection
    • Selection Circle
    • Projectile Stretching
    • Refactor Special Attacks
    • Remove Unwanted Assets

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