More early concept art!

Hey, Petunio here. We have around 70 pieces of concept art so far that we have been very lazy about showing in the website, so we better get cracking here.This is a follow-up from the previous Concept Art Extravaganza.

After working up the Praetorian concept I had 4 more units to do before I began to work solely on Cairn. The following concepts deal with the following units: the Flame Deux, the Pyro, the Stag and the Bolter.

The Pyro is a mech unit. I had no experience with Mech units. So I tried a few approaches here. I like the tubby one on the top right, but that didn’t take.


The first attempt at the Pyro was a bit uneven. I think I wanted something more akin to an automaton first. The concept may have come out a bit cartoony though.

The final Pyro concept is a bit different. Probably a bit more chunky and compressed.

The Stag is similar to a Praetor, except that he uses a sophisticated suit that channels larger amounts of Alchemical Fire. The Pyro’s first concept had a little parrying knife, as the sword would had been too precious to block blows with.

The final design has a longer sword. The idea of the sword being too pricey or precious was scrapped. I picture the unit as a bit of a homage to the Teutonic Knight from Age of Empires 2.

The Bolter is a unit with a shield and a crossbow. The idea is that they are tinkerers and made their own weapons. The early concept came out kinda lame though.

The next Bolter was less fantasy inspired and more in line with the Delta special forces from the Army. Having read Black Hawk Down, I liked the idea of very independent elite forces.

The final Bolter had just a few adjustments. The grenades have Alchemical Fire in them, so they glow bright.

The Flame Dux are units comprised of nobles of the annexed little Kingdoms of the Thermocratic Empire. Their gear would be slightly less sophisticated than the other Thermocrat units.

The final Flame Dux had a few adjustments to their little right hand attachment.

After this run I began to work a much more loser style of concept art that allowed me to have a greater degree of output and more creative input. Also, since we decided on traditional animation for the units, the 3D diagrams were no longer needed.

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