The Spritemen Cometh!

Hey everyone, Petunio here. After months of grueling work we are finally able to present our first 5 sprites for the game!. These are from left to right: Bloodarcher, Knight, Scrapper, Fighter and Magician.

Scroll down to check these babies in motion!


The Bloodarcher

“Many great hunters have found their way into the Free Blades and with them they bring the skills of a tracker and steady hand of an archer. The best of these archers are known the Blood Archers.”

The Bloodarcher came out from our need to have an Archer unit and none of us having much of an idea of what to make. So the Bloodarcher was pretty much improvised.


The Knight

“The heart of the Free Blades, well trained, well equipped, and well paid. A Free Blade Knight is recognized by his sword and shield, two things no common fighter could ever afford.”



The Scrapper

“The bottom of the mercenary barrel. Usually armed with the broken bits of scrap and armored in scrap.”

Plus, he has a bitching mustache.


The Fighter

“A bit more armor, and a bit more training. A warrior is a merc that has lived long enough to earn real armor. They still fight with farmer tools, but a axe can split a skull just as well anything.”

Third Fighter iteration, the first fighter was bald, the next one had a bit of hair (but it looked like a toupee). This one just has a Mohawk, let’s hope it holds.


The Magician

“A gunslinger of sorts, uses a primitive flare gun that resembles a hand crossbow. Their wide brimmed pointy hats make them stand out, and most have a knack for gadgets or spells that most mercs are clearly jealous of.”

Second iteration of the Magician unit, a little flash on the unit’s eye was added and a few minor fixes. The unit’s robe moves a little bit back when it attacks, giving the impression that *ehem* it farts when it shoots. After a lot of arguments about it (bitter, bitter arguments) we decided it was kinda cute.

Each sprite is composed of 180 frames and has 12 sides. The current frame rate for these is about 15 frames per second. All of these are made with the mindset that they are meant to be seen rather small, so even though they are now 400×400 pixels in size, we’ll use a smaller size of these for the actual game. I make them larger so that I can cram more details into them.

All art by Rodrigo Petunio, all the Lore by Adam Waters.

Update!: youtube videos replaced with gifs,

6 thoughts on “The Spritemen Cometh!

  1. Sorry 4 bad english. Look to youre game. Amazing units behavior stuff, best i see in unity engine. But youre characters is so bad graphicly. animations too. Work with cg artist. Have a nice day.

    • Thanks for the comment Mikle.

      We are actually fond of our graphical style. It took us a while to get to a look that is different from the usual 3d RTS videogame style.

      Check the final product to see how the graphics click with the rest of the game. We promise a charming, handmade graphics, indie videogame look there.

    • You should have apologized for being an asshole before worrying about your English.

      If you want to criticize something on our site, please do your best to make sense and even more importantly be constructive by specifically telling us what you think is poorly done. Saying something is bad graphically shows how amateur your opinion is, that statement has nothing in it that we can use to improve our work.

      In the future, please use a text editor before posting.


  2. Hey guys,
    after seeing these sprites on the terrain concepts I think they look awesome. The obvious hand drawn character of the artwork makes for a very pleasant viewing experience once the scene comes together. Looking forward to seeing more.


    • Hey Collin,

      Thanks for dropping us a comment, we really appreciate the feedback.

      We’ve got some big game play videos and lots more terrain stuff to share very soon. So check back if you can.

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