Embalming War Z

image source: PC World.

Recently the developers of the videogame War Z marketed their game on Steam with a bunch of false attributes that the game just plain doesn’t have. Among these claims there’s the boasting that the games areas are around 100 to 400 square kms (areas?, plural?, there is only 1 map that is only 72 square kms), that their servers allowed for a larger amount of people than it did at launch and that the game included gameplay mechanics that never existed in the game.  Including a hardcore mode and having skill purchasing mechanics, both of these exist in many other games, just not War Z.

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Enjoy a little combat

I finally got around to upload some work in progress videos.

First off is our grunt combat. These are a few of our finished sprites smashing each other to bits and just showing our combat engine off. I walk through our different stances that a unit can be placed into also. Youtube thought it would be a good idea to add some extra light to this video so it’s a little bright.

The second video shows off the special attacks of two of our Slayers. They are not finished sprites, but the special abilities are fully functional. We have some buffing abilities, a summoning ability, a charge attack, a ranged area of effect, an instant area of effect, and one that adds special damage to the slayers weapon.

Hope you enjoy!