Thank you for bein’ a friend, gamespy

Today Embalmit is sad to hear about the news of shutting down. We at Embalmit appreciated the professionalism of Gamespy, which presented pc gaming news from an entertainment standpoint while keeping it brief and classy.

I know there are a lot of gaming news sites, but gamespy always had their own way of breaking the news, while other sites played catch up by commenting on the stuff the gamespy staff had written.

Now we won’t know what to read while drinking coffee in the morning, we’ll miss gamespy deeply.

Update: apparently also IGN has been hit with layoffs and 1UP has also been slashed. To me this makes little sense considering the recent boom of pc gaming.

Myosian Miscellaneous Extravaganza!


Updating the blog is hard!. So here’s a bunch of small updates, because we have A LOT of loose files going around, specially images that we can’t really place in a full blown, dignified blog post, but that will give our fanbase (our moms?) something to check.

Because there’s nothing worst than an indie studio that doesnt update often.

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