Myosian Miscellaneous Extravaganza!


Updating the blog is hard!. So here’s a bunch of small updates, because we have A LOT of loose files going around, specially images that we can’t really place in a full blown, dignified blog post, but that will give our fanbase (our moms?) something to check.

Because there’s nothing worst than an indie studio that doesnt update often.

That Fire Temple Show


Adam asked what I thought the resurrection temple should look like, so I colored this old sketch I made with as much fire as possible. Because fire is awesome!. I think we’ll go with less fire though.

Praetorian animation sketch.02

From the praetorian sprite process. Damn thing took me 2 shame filled sprints since we started to experiment with sprite fire effects. The actual thing is looking nice and is composed of 512 frames, but still needs a bit of work.

The Art of Adam Waters

Adam is not only a very gifted lore master and programmer, he also has some good sketching chops, as pictured here when he sketched out the changes he wanted for the Thermocrat Tavern building. At the top left is the result that our modeler Alfred cooked up following Adam’s art direction.

The Illustrations of Christmas Past04

Two illustrations for in-game units that were started, but never finished, since I had to start doing the sprite animations. I think we also changed the art direction for the Dukarim and the Kajarii look. But still.

The In-game menu from Christmas past.

05Quick menu sketch. Was the world of Myos supposed to have 3 suns?

The “tee-hee” screencap.


This was a fake screencap made to show Adam that our graphics may be able to compete with modern RTS graphics, so this small composite screencap was made using Heroes of Newerth’s GUI and some units that I cut from this screenshot (the rest of the stuff was made by us).

Here at Embalmit we play Dota 2, though.

And that will be all for this week, hit us up what you think about our random concept hits and misses while developing Cairn.

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