Myosian Miscellaneous Extravaganza 2!


Writing blog posts is hard!. So here’s a bunch of little ones comprised of random screenshots of stuff we’ve done, but can’t find a proper place to publish at, enjoy.

Early Flame Dux!


A long time ago we had a unit called the Flame Dux, which became the Legionnaire in time  (because we are fans of Jean Claude Van Dame’s forgotten classic?). This was way back in development, when we were trying to figure out a method for animating the sprites (since each unit is 200+ frames). I think Adam came up with the idea of using solid colors for the sprites as a joke, and the style stuck ever since.

The other Embalmit Jars

Yes, we had to plan what jar would the little brain would be in for our logo. Notice there isn’t a beer jar in that quick sketch anywhere in sight (although there’s even a Jar Jar). Adam right away asked after seeing this one “how about a beer jar?”, you know, the only one that is not there!. Still, it’s all part of a good sketching process.

The game visualization drawing.



Around a year and a half ago, we had 3 years worth of writings of lore and mechanics that Adam did before I came and probably some 30 pages of sketches I made. But nothing else to show. So I did this quick sketch of what I thought the game would look like: a bunch of Roman soldiers battling an army of Skelletors. Gotta love those baby blue uniforms.

The ipad 3 is coming!

When the Ipad 3 came out we read that the resolution would be much better, so I immediately thought that our graphics would look terrible in the new and improved Ipad 3 resolution. So we ran a little speculative test, sort of preparing for the worst.

The Icons of Christmas Past

Quick elemental icons sketching.

Kajarii Wraith concept


Hopefully we’ll see the Kajarii make an appearance soon. Right now I’m finishing the Thermocrat faction sprites, so the Kajariis won’t show up for a bit. But they’ll probably look like this.

And that would  be all for now, we still have a bunch of other stuff to show, and a videogame to finish at some point (!). Our new Alpha builds are looking awesome though, so we are happy about how development is coming along.

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