The finishing touches before Beta



And so, in just a few tired more weeks, Cairn will be on Beta status. Adam is actively coding up a storm. Death animations and the final sprites pack are in the works and the GUI is in the process of being coded in (although the final version might differ from what you see).

The “normalizing” of everything in the game its what takes time. Sadly very few things can be just tossed into the game. Absolutely everything must be coded, specially the little things. For example those floating buildings?, Adam’s gotta tweak that. The placement of the user interface parts?, more coding (and then some). Those ugly squares under the buildings?, that’s a heated argument I’ll probably have with Adam at some point (or a short text message, who knows). The GUI graphics are looking a bit uneven? I have to go back to tweaking them again. And I will probably have to go back at it again after that, because damn it, that’s the only way to do it.


(The buzzcutter, a new unit coming our way)

It’s the little things that tire us, that keeps a lot of the game from moving faster, it’s the stuff that we are learning and trailing through. We will be extremely happy once this stage is over, once we can come back and give our fans (aka: our moms) something more awesome to look at.


(gui and icon design)

Our QA man Ryan Linneman often complains he wishes he could help us more in development, since Adam does all the coding, since Jose does all the sounds and since all art is done by me (except 3d assets, that’s all third party stuff and Alfred). But to be honest Ryan is already doing a shitload to help us, he’s with us through this extremely bitter stretch every step of the way. He’s with us every meeting (whichever day and hour), is actively involved in feedback and has been with us for over a yer and has no quit on us. Buddy that is more than enough for us.

Also Ryan is working on the campaign, so you know, get busy on that Ryan, chop chop.

More news and updates as they come. Stay tuned!

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