Working Alpha screenshots!



A few weeks ago Adam did the unthinkable, he released a new build of the game!, and boy it was awesome. Currently we are still in Alpha state, but that shouldn’t stop us from posting a few screenshots of our work in progress.

The screenshot above shows the game closer to our intended release version: It displays a working version of our trusty GUI, most of the buildings we’ll end up using (we are still missing a lot of buildings though) and features 18 out of the 23 planned units we have for the game. We still need to work a lot of the 3d assets, so it’s placeholder country for almost everything 3d.


And our playthrough begins!: the rebel factions of the Free Blades are up to no good in the forest of purchased 3d assets from the Unity store.

Not too far away however, A thermocrat force composed of veteran troops assembles. A mighty praetorian leads the incursion.

And so the small Thermocratic force braves through two unfinished building bases, could they be aware that their world is in still in Alpha?


The Thermocrats catch the Free Blades by surprise! (also their AI is still not quite done). A united Thermocrat force packs too much of a punch for the Free Blades. Man we gotta nerf some of these units…


The few brave Free Blades that manage to pull through are blasted by the Devout’s fire bombs, it’s a battle for which they have not prepared. Within a few seconds the skirmish is over. But the siege has only began.

Not too far off more free blades are hunkered down at a nearby tavern, which is close by the legendary unfinished placeholder tavern right next to it. Volleys of fire are exchanged between Thermocrats and Freeblades.

The Tavern is quickly set ablaze. The Free Blades are no match for the particle fire effect that I still have to work on to make it fit our visual style. Within minutes there’s no more Tavern. But no too far off the Thermocrat’s own base is under siege.


From the woods a small force of Fey has launched an attack. The Thermocrats positioned their buildings too close to the forest (that area on the left with like 5 trees).

Soon the sphere shaped Wisps are joined by a massive amount of Satyrs. Their claws can rip through the Thermocrat’s Colleges and Libraries (education is clearly not their thing). I honestly cannot remember why there’s a blue line at the top, I think it was part of the unit selection click and drag.

My god I love the Fey, here’s a close up!

As the Fey escape into the “forest”, the Thermocrat Army chases them down. However the Fey have been reinforced with more mechanical creatures: Wisps, Bogils and Swarms prove to be the Thermocrat’s force demise.
13Victory is barely achieved, most of the Thermocrat forces have been destroyed. Only the Praetorian and a Legionnaire have survived.

And that’s all in a play through of Cairn. Sure, I had to pretend as if we had a more polished game at times, but it’s getting there, slowly but steady. This is certainly the most frustrating part of creating a game, we can see there’s a playable game, but there’s so much more to do and polish before we can release any of it.

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