Where is Cairn? Welcome to Myos.


Cairn takes place on a beautiful and horrible world known as Myos.  We wanted Myos to make life hard on everyone, no matter what part of the world you live in, the struggle to survive is a constant.  Once the various global dangerous were in place the world came to life with a long mysterious history, diverse locations, and then we filled it with various cultures.  I approached Myos almost as a character of it’s own, something that threatens everyone from the background.  Let’s dive into the details of all the things I’ve mentioned above.

editorial-07Ancient monuments of immense size, forgotten religions used to explain the world around them, and cultures so alien to the modern world that it’s close to unbelievable have always excited me to learn more.  I wanted Myos to have that same appeal, but we don’t have to obey all the natural laws of our own history.  The ancient world of Myos was known as the Pre-Dawn.  The world wold was covered in a dark twilight for an unknown numbers of years.  Every culture has their own story for this time with some dreading it, others regarding it as a holy time, but overall much is unknown except for the ruins left behind from the ancients that rules.

The Dawn Era in Myos represents the known history of the world.  It spans hundreds of years and sets the background of our various factions.  It’s when the twilight fades away and history has begun to be written.  As light poured into the world survival became a little easier.  New civilizations began gaining power, old kingdoms fell, and the horrors of the world could be seen.


High Sun Era is the current era of Myos.  Great minds are allowed to blossom, civilizations have risen out of the darkness, and war will soon reach all corners of the world.

Myos has several major dangers that effect everyone in the world.  To start the oceans are corrosive eating away slowly at anything that enters the water unprotected.  It burns the skin and causes rashes or worse.  It can slowly eat away at wooden vessals, changing how sea travel works in the world.  The moons of Myos have been shattered and these tumbling stones and dust sometimes fall to Myos destroying everything in the area.  Beasts that have grown fat from the people who stumbled through the darkness still lurk the lands.  Lastly the deadly fey that seem to inhabit every ancient wood never seem to stop hunting the people of Myos.


We want to make Myos an interesting world to explore, so that meant also filling it up with lots of locations.  To keep track of everything I created Dal Gillard, a renowned explorer.   From Dal’s perspective we wrote a small explorers guide.  This guide includes the general description of the land, some guidance on what creatures are dangerous, and a little bit of history.  He has explored far north into the Quintas Wastes and written about their jagged alchemical, across the Shield Wood filled with enormous trees and deadly Fey, up the Shadow Cliffs where the darkness eats away the flesh of outsiders, and south into the Glacial Wilds where the bodies of ancient soldiers are frozen solid so that they themselves serve as their own tombstone.

The last thing needed to bring Myos to life was the people.  We created lots of cultures, so many that we got distracted from our primary three and expanded on a few of the others instead.  I’ll give a quick run down of a few of the societies that come to life in Cairn.  Not all of them will appear in the game, but most will be mentioned in some regard.

The Imperial Thermocrats are incredible engineers that believe light and fire are divine.  They believe that uniting the world in fire will bring heaven to Myos and allow everyone to become a remnant, their truly divine form.  These beliefs have been a strong motivator in their conquering of neighboring nations and spreading the light.


The Free Blades were once a group of rangers who protected the people of the Shield Wood from the nearby Fey creatures, but now their name has been claimed by a rebel faction born from the Shield Wood who fight against the Thermocratic Empire.  The Free Blades are masters of reverse engineering and upgrading, combining the technology from others their power has grown significantly in recent years.
The Fey have hunted the people of Myos since the beginning of written history.  They channel the power of storms and radiate their own light, and to the horror of everyone who has faced them, their numbers seem never ending.

The Immortal Kajarii are undead that have created an entire civilization in the Quintas Wastes, a barren desert.  They wear masks to hide their grotesque decaying bodies and fight with blades made of jagged glass.  They are known to carry all of their fallen soldiers home to be resurrected and will start entire wars to retrieve a single dead soldier.
The Exiled are something completely alien to the world of Myos.  They arrived in the Dawn Era through something described as a slice in the sky, thousands ascended onto Myos and they ruthlessly killed one another until only a few more than 900 remained.  The Thermocrat Empire seized all of the creatures and exiled them to the Withering Isles were only a few have made contact with them since.


I think that’s more than enough of an overview of the world.  There are a lot more stories to tell, but I should probably save something for next week.




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