Embalmit plays Atom Zombie Smasher!


“…Atom Zombie Smasher is painless… it brings on many changes…”

Here at Embalmit we do many things, one of those things (and the least requested of them) is to review games that we think are relatively meaningful to what we are doing. One of those meaningful games is Atom Zombie Smasher. A fantastic take on three of the past decade’s fads (now probably dying fads): Zombies, Casual Games and Indie flare. And boy does AZM (for shorts) goes to town with all of these.

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Working Alpha screenshots!



A few weeks ago Adam did the unthinkable, he released a new build of the game!, and boy it was awesome. Currently we are still in Alpha state, but that shouldn’t stop us from posting a few screenshots of our work in progress.

The screenshot above shows the game closer to our intended release version: It displays a working version of our trusty GUI, most of the buildings we’ll end up using (we are still missing a lot of buildings though) and features 18 out of the 23 planned units we have for the game. We still need to work a lot of the 3d assets, so it’s placeholder country for almost everything 3d.

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The Fey and the Spiders arise!

thewispandthespidersIt’s that time when newer sprites show their face around Cairn. Previously we went through the exciting Free Blades and the awesome Thermocrats. Now it’s time for sprites that have no human form: these are the Fey and the mechanical Spiders.

Coming up, in Embalmit.com, your source for that sweet sweet, badass retro RTS: Cairn!

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Enter the Thermocrats



They are here. The heroic, technologically advanced and oppressive Thermocrats are now part of the game. It took a few good months to get all the animations in place, but this time we bested ourselves and came up with 7 new units for the game.

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Thank you for bein’ a friend, gamespy

Today Embalmit is sad to hear about the news of Gamespy.com shutting down. We at Embalmit appreciated the professionalism of Gamespy, which presented pc gaming news from an entertainment standpoint while keeping it brief and classy.

I know there are a lot of gaming news sites, but gamespy always had their own way of breaking the news, while other sites played catch up by commenting on the stuff the gamespy staff had written.

Now we won’t know what to read while drinking coffee in the morning, we’ll miss gamespy deeply.

Update: apparently also IGN has been hit with layoffs and 1UP has also been slashed. To me this makes little sense considering the recent boom of pc gaming.