Myosian Miscellaneous Extravaganza!


Updating the blog is hard!. So here’s a bunch of small updates, because we have A LOT of loose files going around, specially images that we can’t really place in a full blown, dignified blog post, but that will give our fanbase (our moms?) something to check.

Because there’s nothing worst than an indie studio that doesnt update often.

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Embalming War Z

image source: PC World.

Recently the developers of the videogame War Z marketed their game on Steam with a bunch of false attributes that the game just plain doesn’t have. Among these claims there’s the boasting that the games areas are around 100 to 400 square kms (areas?, plural?, there is only 1 map that is only 72 square kms), that their servers allowed for a larger amount of people than it did at launch and that the game included gameplay mechanics that never existed in the game.  Including a hardcore mode and having skill purchasing mechanics, both of these exist in many other games, just not War Z.

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Terrain concept art!


Hey everyone, Petunio here for another Art Update on Cairn.

So one thing is the units we are making for the game, another is the tiling that will go under the units. Originally we were working with another artist on the tiles, and for the most part his tiling skills were pretty good, but the contrast between what he did and the units in the game was a bit lacking, partially because he was working the terrain tiles without knowing how the units would look like.

I offered to do the tiles since I thought I could do a much better worklooking for the right contrast between units and terrain since they would both be developed by the same person (The Petunio, that is).

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Embalmit plays “Victoria 1 Complete”

A modern lady, Vicky sure knows where it’s at.

Before Victoria was complete she used to be just “Victoria: Empire Under the Sun“. The Complete part is just that game and the expansion pack (Revolutions). This is part of the many, many Paradox Grand Strategy game titles. This one takes place within the years 1836 to 1920, and allows you to take control of any of the countries of the era and go though all of the main events of the time. The micromanagement intensive gameplay, though hard to learn, becomes very addictive in no time.

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More early concept art!

Hey, Petunio here. We have around 70 pieces of concept art so far that we have been very lazy about showing in the website, so we better get cracking here.This is a follow-up from the previous Concept Art Extravaganza.

After working up the Praetorian concept I had 4 more units to do before I began to work solely on Cairn. The following concepts deal with the following units: the Flame Deux, the Pyro, the Stag and the Bolter.

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Embalmit tries to play Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War 2, fuck yeah, amirite?. I mean we all loved the first Dawn of War and by extension this one has to be ten times better. I mean more Dawnier and Warrier than ever. I mean look at that cover: it’s that Terran Space marine, probably killing Zergs (no wait, got the wrong franchise). It’s that Starship Trooper, probably killing them Bugs (well, close enough).

But upon closer inspection we witness a small detail, imperceptible to the eyes, I’ll give a hint of what is this horror…

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Gettysburg Armored Warfare, a cautionary tale.

This past August 22th, Gettysburg Armored Warfare creator Dan Green announced that Gettysburg’s servers were going to be shut down into oblivion:

“Hey guys, they are taking the servers down at the end of the month I believe … The game just needed a lot more dev time then was in the cards :-( will def learn from this. Also as I mentioned before the budget/resources necessary to finish the editor and mod tools was canceled for obvious reasons.” 

But never the less, developer Dan Green has at least “def learn” from the ordeal that was once Gettysburg: Armored Warfare.

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Where were you for the Orcish genocide?

I haven’t played a bad game in a while, so no “bring me some pizza” levels of badness this week. However I did get to play Orcs Must Die. As the title suggest, this a serious thriller about the work of Elf Bureaucrat John Elfenstein, who must investigate the grim situation in the Orc ghettos in the land of Wintermarch. The Elvish goverment is systematically eliminating Orcs one by one by one sparking outrage in the kingdom and John Elfenstein is ordered to investigate and suppress any further information leaks. In his investigation, John Elfenstein discovers the pain and suffering of the Orcs, who are beyond the brutish caricatures that they are usually portrayed as. John feels identified with the orcs and decides to take a stand with them. Although his attempts to bring the Orc holocaust to light are briefly successful, the elvish government suppresses and trial him. John defiantly demands to be tried as an Orc to show the disproportionately unfairness against Orcs. But to set an example out of him, John is sent to die with the other Orcs on the lava chambers, striped of his elvish name and banning any Elf from ever mentioning his name again. Thus ending one of the most emotional and enduring tales of intolerance and hope in videogame history.

Nah, I’m just fucking with you guys, it’s like a tower defense game or some bullshit (pew pew pew, die Orcs!).

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