Evolution of the GUI – Part 1

Hey everybody!

I know we have been a little quiet since we’re working on the new beta release! It’s going to be fuckin’ badass, I promise. Until then, we are going to tide you over with some inside looks into the development of Cairn. The first area we’re starting with is the GUI.¬†Over the next several days I’ll be writing about the change of our GUI from the bare bones version, to the super slick version we have now.

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Meet the team! – Ryan Linneman

Hi all! I am Ryan Linneman and I am handling the QA for Cairn. I currently handle Quality Assurance for a division of my current employer which lends itself well to testing for Cairn. My experience in my professional life coupled with my incessant curiosity has made the QA process for Cairn feel quite natural. In addition to QA, I also oversee the Cairn wiki.

I have been working on the project since February, around the time of the first build. We have progressed steadily since the first build and continue to refine each release.

My favorite bug I have found so far is the Level-Up/Experience Bug. The video can be found here.