January Week 3 Work

The project continues.

Adam -

I have been working on recovering from a technical mishap where I deleted a large chunk of the source code while trying to integrate with our new path finding solution.  Other than that work is now moving forward again.  Unity 3.5 pathfinding is being integrated with our selection, formations and basic game objects.

Rodrigo -

Cranking out some great concept art and working on some sprite tests.



Alpha Fail

Just want to give everyone an update on were we are on releasing something for you to play.

I’m getting my ass kicked by the combat engine.  If models aren’t ignoring terrain and floating from elevations down, then they are moving to locations where the enemy was, instead of following him as they try to attack.

I also still don’t have unit steering implemented and our Unity release hasn’t happened which would fix this.

A real update will probably come next week, but right now I’m too busy fighting with this code, finishing up work at the Full Time gig, and getting things sorted for the Holiday.