Thank you for bein’ a friend, gamespy

Today Embalmit is sad to hear about the news of shutting down. We at Embalmit appreciated the professionalism of Gamespy, which presented pc gaming news from an entertainment standpoint while keeping it brief and classy.

I know there are a lot of gaming news sites, but gamespy always had their own way of breaking the news, while other sites played catch up by commenting on the stuff the gamespy staff had written.

Now we won’t know what to read while drinking coffee in the morning, we’ll miss gamespy deeply.

Update: apparently also IGN has been hit with layoffs and 1UP has also been slashed. To me this makes little sense considering the recent boom of pc gaming.

Cairn’s Music

Hey everybody,

We have decided to showcase some of the music that will be included in Cairn. When we started talking about which way to go with the music, lots of different ideas and concepts were brought up. We wanted the music to have the epic and catchy elements of a soundtracks like Warcraft 2, but we also wanted it to have a more aggressive, militaristic, feeling like Command and Conquer.

After some arguing, brain storming and a few sound tests we decided to go for an orchestral score with a heavy dose of metal guitar. Here are a few tracks and I hope you enjoy them!

Meet the team! – José Mora Jiménez, music and sound









Hello, my name is José Mora-Jiménez and I’m the one in charge of making the music and sounds for Cairn.

I’ve been writing modern classical music for about ten years and I since more recent times I’ve been also writing music for games and other media. You can check my works and bio here: and here

I started working in the game since last April. When I first had contact with the team and we discussed about the musical direction of the project, I was very pleased to hear that I was going to be able to freely mix two of my all time favorite music styles: Orchestral Music and Metal!

I hope to be sharing some of the music I’ve made for the game very soon, I would also be telling you more about the process of writing the music.

Meet the team! – Adam Waters

Hello everyone, I’m Adam Waters and I am a life long programmer and new born game designer.  I started programming professionally in the business world and have been creating some of the worlds most boring applications for nearly a decade.  Only a few years ago I found myself as a volunteer designer on the table top miniature game Warlord and it’s expansion the Savage North.  After over three years of balancing spells and special attacks, manipulating unit costs, writing fictional biographies,  and helping to create an incredible game overall, I decided to combine my skills.  So indie game development here I am.

The  fun part of my job as a member of Embalmit comes from creating the lore in our games.  All of us have a part in shaping a games direction, but I’m usually the one who fills up pages to describe some half broken world or writes out an emperor’s speech.

The addicting, infuriating  and most rewarding part of my job is the programming.  I’ve been programming at the whim of corporations large and small for years, but now I can use all that experience to create something from the heart.  We get to create experiences not just programs, and that is incredibly rewarding.

Since the creation of Embalmit, I have been gathering our small team of heroes for something great.  Most of them have already announced themselves, but more are sure to come in the near future.  So sit tight, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.  Embalmit is just getting started.


Cairn 0.0.6 – Alpha Build

We are wrapping up another sprint and with that I release another alpha build to be tested. The game is much more stable this build than last and includes a lot of new features.


The primary goal of this build was to fix bugs that became very big issues now that special attacks were working.  We also added lots of assets like 3 new sprites, a dozen special effects, and unit sound effects.

Important Changes:

Beautiful new sprites.  Rodrigo really knocked it out of the park with this new, updated sprites.  Check out the scrapper, fighter, and magician.

Our two big bug fixes are out of the way.  The sprite flicker and the collision detection issues should be solved now.  We made a lot of good connections with the 2D toolkit guys and some of the Unity dev community to fix the issues.

Unit Sound Effects are working.  The only unit wired for sound is the Fighter.  So spawn him and listen to him attack.  He should make noise when he spawns, attacks, moves, is selected and dies.  Game rotates through hit sounds, but they sound similar and are very mild right now.  They need more beef cake.

3 fully functional Slayers.  Charging, tossing, multi-spawn, instant, line aoe, healing, & status effects.  So much awesome stuff crammed into those 9 special attacks.  It is very beautiful and adds a lot to an otherwise simple alpha build.  Each build will see the release of more slayers & special attacks.  Next version will see the addition of Thermocrat & Kajarii Adepts.

Enemy selection.  Instead of only being able to select your units, you can select enemy or neutral units and see their stats.  You should not be able to control those units and you can only select 1 at a time through a single click.

Full details past the break