Enjoy a little combat

I finally got around to upload some work in progress videos.

First off is our grunt combat. These are a few of our finished sprites smashing each other to bits and just showing our combat engine off. I walk through our different stances that a unit can be placed into also. Youtube thought it would be a good idea to add some extra light to this video so it’s a little bright.

The second video shows off the special attacks of two of our Slayers. They are not finished sprites, but the special abilities are fully functional. We have some buffing abilities, a summoning ability, a charge attack, a ranged area of effect, an instant area of effect, and one that adds special damage to the slayers weapon.

Hope you enjoy!

Meet the team! – José Mora Jiménez, music and sound









Hello, my name is José Mora-Jiménez and I’m the one in charge of making the music and sounds for Cairn.

I’ve been writing modern classical music for about ten years and I since more recent times I’ve been also writing music for games and other media. You can check my works and bio here: http://www.musicvortex.nl/ and here http://www.josemorajimenez.com/

I started working in the game since last April. When I first had contact with the team and we discussed about the musical direction of the project, I was very pleased to hear that I was going to be able to freely mix two of my all time favorite music styles: Orchestral Music and Metal!

I hope to be sharing some of the music I’ve made for the game very soon, I would also be telling you more about the process of writing the music.

Terrain concept art!


Hey everyone, Petunio here for another Art Update on Cairn.

So one thing is the units we are making for the game, another is the tiling that will go under the units. Originally we were working with another artist on the tiles, and for the most part his tiling skills were pretty good, but the contrast between what he did and the units in the game was a bit lacking, partially because he was working the terrain tiles without knowing how the units would look like.

I offered to do the tiles since I thought I could do a much better worklooking for the right contrast between units and terrain since they would both be developed by the same person (The Petunio, that is).

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Meet the team! – Adam Waters

Hello everyone, I’m Adam Waters and I am a life long programmer and new born game designer.  I started programming professionally in the business world and have been creating some of the worlds most boring applications for nearly a decade.  Only a few years ago I found myself as a volunteer designer on the table top miniature game Warlord and it’s expansion the Savage North.  After over three years of balancing spells and special attacks, manipulating unit costs, writing fictional biographies,  and helping to create an incredible game overall, I decided to combine my skills.  So indie game development here I am.

The  fun part of my job as a member of Embalmit comes from creating the lore in our games.  All of us have a part in shaping a games direction, but I’m usually the one who fills up pages to describe some half broken world or writes out an emperor’s speech.

The addicting, infuriating  and most rewarding part of my job is the programming.  I’ve been programming at the whim of corporations large and small for years, but now I can use all that experience to create something from the heart.  We get to create experiences not just programs, and that is incredibly rewarding.

Since the creation of Embalmit, I have been gathering our small team of heroes for something great.  Most of them have already announced themselves, but more are sure to come in the near future.  So sit tight, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.  Embalmit is just getting started.


Shifting to Second Gear

So we’ve been pretty quiet, which is always boring. I got tired of keeping up with the weekly task lists. I find that I spend too much time managing those when I could be writing lore or working on mechanics. So we’re going to try to do more in depth works in progress snap shots.

We have a ton of art work, Rodrigo has been powering through unit concepts and sprite designs. I posted one of his older ones a few weeks ago, so expect lots more.

We have a new sound guy who is wrapping up the first of our official tracks. We’ll be sharing that soon.

We are going to open our alpha builds to anyone who wants to play around with them. There isn’t much too do for players, but perhaps you’ll have fun finding all of my mistakes.

We also have a wikia going live soon. It will be full of information about our units and the world.

Our unique visitors to the website is slowly climbing. I like to think that means people are reading these posts.
My favorite search terms that have led people are are:
“Failed Embalming”
“Does embalming last forever”

The Wheels of Progress Keep On Turning

Here is something I haven’t done in a little while. A snapshot of the things we’ve completed since the last update. So from Oct until now, this is where we are.


  • Create Player Object & Move Current GOs under it
  • Create new Unit Model & Unit Prefab
  • Switch to Unity3D built in Path finding
  • Unit Selection Model
  • Unit Selection Controller
  • Redo GUI (Force click down and release for GUI pieces)
  • Select the First 20 Units to be drawn out
  • QA Point Calculator for Units Recruitment
  • Iso Camera
  • Unit formations
  • Unit AI


  • GUI Layout
  • Kajarii Concepts
  • Slek Concepts
  • Arcole Concepts
  • Dukarim Concepts
  • Launch-able Items
  • Framework Sprite

We have lost the entire engine, restored it, and surpassed it. Rodrigo has gone from concept artist to helping me stand up an entire fictional world. I have gone struggling to understand how scripts interact to spawning an arrow that arcs, deals damage, and triggers a damage effect on the hit unit.

We’ve come pretty far in the last 5 months. Far enough that next week I’m releasing an Alpha. I think that in 5 more we may have something to sell.