Starvoid, or the PC game we (sadly) won’t be playing

Image source: Paradox Interactive

On news relatively related to our development of Cairn (ok, not related at all): Starvoid, a newly released RTS, is kind of tanking. Gamespy, which is usually kind on the indies, was not kind to the game at all on their review:

“It’s possible that Starvoid is a refreshingly accessible and direct entry into the MOBA sphere. It’s also conceivable that it’s too unbalanced to play for long, or that a fast-playing sport-style RTS is a bad idea. With so few players, I can’t be sure. Blame for this state of affairs has to go to whoever decided on a $10 price in a free-to-play realm; on the developers who didn’t include a single-player mode or bots for low-population games; and on the marketers who wrote that it’s an RTS/FPS hybrid when there’s nothing first-person about it.

If there’s one thing I take from the review was that the developers of Starvoid panicked and rushed to make a MOBA, probably because it seemed fancier at the time. I don’t blame the players who choose the vastly superior DOTA Free To Play clones over the 10 dollars indie effort.

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