Praetorian Concept Art for Cairn

Praetorians are the most respected of leaders in all the Empire’s army.  Given command of the most state of the art equipment they are held to a very high standard and many collapse under the pressures of their responsibility. White hot flames burst  from crevices of their Lorica armor, few can bare the heat when standing toe to toe with a Praetorian.  Their short swords licked by alchemical fires possess the ability to slash and burn through any enemy troops”

We have a lot of concepts for Cairn that we haven’t been able to share until now. The reason for this lack of updates has to do with the death of our artist Rodrigo Petunio and his widow not wanting to kick them over to Embalmit. But after a lengthy and expensive court battle we finally came to settlement after we paid a hobo 50 bucks to break into her house and steal them for us.

Well… the real reason is much more boring though: we’ve been a bit lazy and/or busy with other things and haven’t got around publishing them, so none of that actually happened (maybe the hobo part). Plus you know, I’m still alive and stuff.

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