Working Alpha screenshots!



A few weeks ago Adam did the unthinkable, he released a new build of the game!, and boy it was awesome. Currently we are still in Alpha state, but that shouldn’t stop us from posting a few screenshots of our work in progress.

The screenshot above shows the game closer to our intended release version: It displays a working version of our trusty GUI, most of the buildings we’ll end up using (we are still missing a lot of buildings though) and features 18 out of the 23 planned units we have for the game. We still need to work a lot of the 3d assets, so it’s placeholder country for almost everything 3d.

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Gettysburg Armored Warfare, a cautionary tale.

This past August 22th, Gettysburg Armored Warfare creator Dan Green announced that Gettysburg’s servers were going to be shut down into oblivion:

“Hey guys, they are taking the servers down at the end of the month I believe … The game just needed a lot more dev time then was in the cards :-( will def learn from this. Also as I mentioned before the budget/resources necessary to finish the editor and mod tools was canceled for obvious reasons.”¬†

But never the less, developer Dan Green has at least¬†“def learn” from the ordeal that was once Gettysburg: Armored Warfare.

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